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The David Holland Band's roots go back to 1995 when 4 guys were the only pickers to show up for a jam session.  They ended up playing all night long and, because they had so much fun, agreed to come back the next week to do it again.  Thus the band Barefoot Jack was born... featuring lead vocalist David Holland.

For a couple of years this high energy, young band performed in Kansas and Oklahoma at rodeos, festivals, and nightclubs.  During this time, David began working on securing a record deal with an independant label and eventually signed with Center Creek Records.  This left the band with a dilemma...  do we still call ourselves Barefoot Jack?  The band decided to market themselves as The David Holland Band.

Undergoing many changes and suffering many losses, this band has weathered storm after storm and emerged out the other side a little stronger each time.  This band is more than a bunch of guys trying to make good music, make money, be famous, or simply have a great time...  these guys want to do all of those things while remaining the closest of friends.  And so far, they are a complete success.


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David Holland

vocals, guitar, fiddle, mandolin

 David's first performance came at age 4 performing Gospel music in church... and he has been entertaining people ever since.

David's initial musical influence was Johnny Cash, but today his influences include Merle Haggard, Hank Williams (Sr. & Jr.), and George Jones as well as Rock acts such as Van Halen and ZZTop.

At 15 years of age, David started playing night clubs and fairs and has played all over the state of Kansas.  He also spent 3 years touring the U.S.A. and Canada with the Oklahoma based group Southern Express.  During his stint with this high energy group he opened for numerous acts such as Alan Jackson, Steve Warner, Chris Ledoux and worked the same venues as future artists Toby Keith and Ty Herndon.

With a rich baritone voice, David continues to sing at fairs, festivals and night clubs, but he is also a successful song writer publishing in Nashville, even while touring regionally with the David Holland Band.

As a music major in college, David sang in barbershop quartet and performed dramatically in Broadway style musicals.  He has cut his teeth on many different styles and venues and has evolved into a well seasoned performer.


Todd McCutcheon

vocals, drums, hats

A veteran of numerous bands, both in his home town of Wichita and also during his two-year stint in Richmond, VA.   Before a 10-year run as a member of the blues band Made From Scratch, he was an original member of the Steel Diamond Band playing country music six nights a week.

Todd's musical influences include The Police,  They Might Be Giants, Allman Brothers, Blood Sweat and Tears, Robert Cray and the Fabulous Tbirds--in short: very eclectic.   The iTunes genious is still trying to work through his music collection from the first time he tried to sync his iPod.

Taking a break from both country and blues, he formed the rock band Mistaken Identity, pulling from talents found at work and from Made From Scratch.   After 2 years of wild success with Mistaken Identity, a work-related move to Virginia pulled Todd away from Mistaken Identity and brought him back to the blues scene with the Bluz Catz.

Upon returning to Wichita, he began looking for a band to call home.  The David Holland Band brings Todd back to the country scene.  His high-energy drumming and vocal harmonies really solidify the DHB sound, and the hats are always a subject of conversation!


Perry Overstake

bass, vocals

Perry started playing bass in the 60's....mostly rock and pop music.  He spent most of the 70's and 80's with a local rock-n-roll band Headstone, playing locally as well as on the road.  That group had 3 weekends off over a span of 13 years together (could be why he took a break for a while in the 90's).

With the time off, Perry's interest in country music started to grow.  His wife and daugter also caught "the bug" for country music and persuaded him to get back into playing music again--this time country.  His first gig "back in the saddle" was with the band Black Water out of Tulsa, Ok.  He soon discovered that playing music was fun fact it was a "hoot" to play with such great people and players making great music.

Perry has already discovered that performing with the David Holland Band is "another hoot in the making" and thoroughly enjoys the variety of music coming from this band.....covers and originals.  Once again he has found himself surrounded by great people and great players making great music.  That's what Perry's talkin' about!


Bill Stone

guitar, vocals

 We are not real sure where Bill is from, although it  is rumored that he may have been genetically engineered on another planet by aliens.   While we cannot confirm or deny this, we can tell you that he arrived in this world screaming "I need a guitar in my hands, NOW!"

We suspect that someone arranged to get his beloved pink guitar into his hands shortly after that, as he has had a thing for that guitar as long as anyone in the band can remember. 

Bill has been in so many bands that we don't have space to list them all here.   Let's just say that if you've seen a live band in the area that Bill was probably in it!  His musical influences include Deep Purple, Led Zep, Doobie Bros, and Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.

His skills with the guitar are phenomenal, and his slide guitar riffs will leave you wondering how anyone can make the guitar sing like that.   Speaking of singing, when Bill opens his mouth you never know what will come've been warned!